Finding the Right Healthcare Fit

PruittHealth is dedicated to serving you and your loved one with a variety of specially designed health care programs. Through knowledge and expertise, our team of health care professionals has developed treatment for your specific needs. From fitness and balance therapies, to stroke rehab and cardiac care, the menu below is how we're able to put our patients on the pathway to better health.

​By 2025, the number of Americans age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to increase by 40 percent, to 7.1 million. PruittHealth Memory Support is designed to assist Alzheimer’s and dementia patients by attempting to slow memory loss and other cognitive changes. Memory Support provides life-enrichment activities that stimulate the mind and promote overall health. The program provides family support and education to help caregivers keep loved ones engaged.

Patients who have health events such as broken bones, joint pain, or invasive procedures, such as joint replacements or back surgery, can experience challenges in returning to optimum levels of health. PruittHealth Fitness Therapy utilizes physical and occupational therapy, nursing and exercise—monitoring tools to help patients restore lost function and regain independence.

​Balance loss and falls are often a result of multiple factors that can be corrected. Using validated assessment tools and appropriate intervention, PruittHealth professionals improve balance, reduce fall risks and treat associated problems, including incontinence, pain, muscle weakness and hypotension.

Working with PruittHealth professionals, patients are able to expedite recovery by participating in evaluation and following customized care plans and home exercise programs. Personalized treatment leads to improvements in balance, strength, range of motion, endurance, walking, daily activities and overall quality of life.

​​PruittHealth Aquatic Therapy helps patients feel good again. Water buoyancy helps build muscle groups without stressing joints. Our state-of-the-art program features Hydroworx®aquatic therapy pools with adjustable depth, resistance jets with massage features, underwater cameras and viewing monitors, computer documentation, and more.

​​Approximately 7 million Americans have survived stroke; nearly 800,000 more are affected each year. Some people suffer minor, short-term impairments, while others face some type of disability. No two strokes are alike. The extent and severity of damage depends on where the stroke occurs in the brain, and how much of the brain is damaged. PruittHealth Stroke Rehab recognizes the vital importance of individualized care. Our compassionate team works with patients and loved ones to improve physical, cognitive and lifestyle functioning. We constantly reevaluate treatment plans to ensure each patient's unique needs, priorities and preferences are met.

Heart failure can leave you or a loved one feeling weak, tired or short of breath. Everyday activities may become more difficult as your heart struggles to keep up. While there’s no cure for heart failure, PruittHealth Cardiac Care can help manage the condition to improve overall health and quality of life. PruittHealth Cardiac Care coordinates the efforts of a team of providers, including primary care physicians, cardiologists, clinical nurse specialists, dietitians, mental health professionals, case managers and pharmacists. Associates may prescribe diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, as well as medication, surgery or ongoing care. By implementing symptom control measures, Cardiac Care elevates patients’ quality of life.

​Leveraging advanced treatment options and the latest technology, PruittHealth Wound Care offers comprehensive care to alleviate suffering and mitigate infection, hospitalization and limb loss. Our policies and procedures are grounded in research, consultation and the expertise of certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses (WOCNs).

​If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain, you're not alone. The Institute of Medicine estimates 100 million Americans experience persistent pain, including migraines and back pain. That's more than the number of people affected by diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. PruittHealth Pain Management helps patients gain control over chronic pain to enhance enjoyment of life and curb lost productivity and wages. Using therapy plans rooted in evidencebased medicine, our Pain Management team addresses pain and its underlying causes. Recommended treatments may include physical or occupational therapy, medication assessment and management, education, injections or surgery.

​PruittHealth Respiratory Care offers high-quality care and independence to patients who have had a tracheostomy, or who experience an exacerbation of respiratory symptoms, or require BiPAP/CAP or ventilator support. PruittHealth develops comprehensive care plans designed to increase long term health and overall well-being. We provide patients with the tools and skills they need to return home more quickly to recover on their own.

​PruittHealth Life Enrichment helps people of every age and ability to stay physically and mentally fit. Providing extensive resources to expand knowledge and fulfill spiritual needs, PruittHealth helps patients bring dreams and desires to life. PruittHealth Life Enrichment Programs include:

  • Exercise and activities based on individual needs and abilities
  • Mind, body and spirit classes
  • Lifelong learning opportunities to expand and enrich patients' lives
  • Care Ambassadors, who welcome new patients
  • Celebrations, scheduled special events