Dedicated to Patient Safety and Health

Safety is always our number one priority, especially in the midst of a global health crisis. That’s why we’ve enhanced our advanced safety measures to keep our patients, families, and caregivers protected – every single day. From thermal imaging cameras to air ionization systems, we invested heavily in technology to protect our entire PruittHealth family.


Support Those in Need

The PruittCares Foundation is proud to help relieve the financial burdens of those in our community, including PruittHealth caregivers and patients. Grants from the foundation cover a wide range of needs, including medical bills, utility bills, and rent payments. The lives of patients, as well as those who care for them, have been changed immensely by the assistance the PruittCares Foundation provides. Please consider donating to help support families in need. 

Consider giving to PruittHealth Caregivers who have been caring for our community.

Visitation Status

As a family company, PruittHealth strives to keep patients and residents connected with their loved ones. Our infection control protocols ensure families can visit their loved ones in a safe, clean environment. We are working with public health officials and state leadership in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina to ensure family visits follow federal and state health guidance.

PruittHealth works with public health officials to safely resume family visits according to federal and state guidelines

PruittCares Foundation

As a Christian organization, our PruittCares Foundation lives up to its founding principles by caring for bereaved children, assisting caregivers in times of crisis, and supporting ongoing education in medical fields to continually enrich the lives of our employee partners and those in communities served by PruittHealth.

The PruittCares Foundation cares for bereaved childing, assists caregivers in crisis and provides ongoing education to staff.

COVID-19 Updates

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