PruittHealth Hospice (New Bern)

Hospice is a philosophy of care. The hospice philosophy recognizes death as the final stage of life and seeks to enable patients to continue an alert, pain-free life and to manage other symptoms so that their last days may be spent with dignity and quality, surrounded by their loved ones. Hospice affirms life and does not hasten or postpone death. Hospice highlights quality rather than length of life. It provides family-centered care involving the patient and family in making decisions. Care is provided for the patient and family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hospice care can be given in the patient’s home, a hospital, nursing home or private hospice facility. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment; caring for the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of every patient. Our care team will provide assistance in pain management, bereavement support, medical equipment, supplies and medication related to the life-limiting illness, as well as consultation with the pharmacist and dietitians. Through PruittHealth Hospice, both patient and family will find comfort, support, closure, personal and spiritual peace, and an appreciation for the fullness of life.

  • Symptom and pain management
  • Comfort care
  • Emotional and spiritual counseling
  • Patient/family support and education
  • Social work services
  • 24-hour on-call services
  • Bereavement services
  • Respite care
  • Inpatient care
  • Continuous care​