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Life has enough hassles. Getting the medications you need, from the best pharmacy, when you need them, should be simple.

The PruittHealth Pharmacy Advantage

Our advanced delivery system, called Advantage Rx, makes sure that you and your customers have a seamless experience. It’s simple. Your medications should be on time, every time. Our pharmacy service provides all common oral medications in one easy-to-use multi-dose packet.


Superior Pharmaceutical Service

When it comes to health – only the best will do. PruittHealth Pharmacy offers the best one-on-one consulting service for each and every patient at very affordable rates. In fact, 92% rated us excellent in service. The best pharmacy partner you can count on.  

Leading Experts

Our pharmacy experts are helping to achieve your goals by driving greater conversation around the use of antipsychotics. In fact, our leading experts partnered with clinicians to deliver a 66% decrease in the use of psychotic medications since 2014.


Why PruittHealth Pharmacy?

PruittHealth Pharmacy is a pharmacy built around skilled nursing, not a pharmacy. We have nearly 50 years of tried and true solutions in our very own facilities that result in better patient outcomes, reduced costs and increased staff efficiency.​

Where is your Rx located?

Georgia      South Carolina North Carolina
Toccoa Lexington Durham
Union City

What is Advantage Rx?

​Advantage Rx is PruittHealth Pharmacy's short cycle packaging system. Advantage Rx allows for: 

  • Better patient outcomes and fewer readmissions​​
  • Increased medication compliance
  • Reduced medication errors and waste
  • Reduction in prep and pass time
  • Auto-refill

What about access to medications after-hours?

We realize how important it is for your staff to access patient medications. That’s why we offer multiple solutions from first dose machine technology to provide hundreds of medications, including controls to back up pharmacies and courier services – allowing us to meet your needs 24/7​.​​

How do you know what medications are in the multi-dose pack?

Each multi-dose pack has the generic name and/or brand name (if applicable) along with a complete description of each medication listed right on the package. The other side is transparent to allow for easy identification of packaged meds.​​​

What about medications that cannot be packaged together?

Our dispensing equipment utilizes state of the art technology, ensuring isolated medication packaging when appropriate. Additionally, crushable medications are packaged together to allow them to be crushed and administered straight from the package.​​​

Do you offer an EMAR system?

Though we do not endorse any one particular product, we haven’t found an EMAR system that we cannot interface with. Our goal is to utilize the best fit for meeting our clients’ unique needs.​​​

Do you offer E-Scribe?

​​PruittHealth Pharmacy has the capability to integrate with most if not all E-Scribe companies.​

What other services does PruittHealth Pharmacy offer?

  • Call Intake - smaller and more personalized for your individual facility.​
  • Account Manager - certified representative assigned to your facility to assist in medication prep and pass, cart audits, medication expiration review, in-service training and much more.
  • Pharmacy Consulting - your personal consultant provides comprehensive chart reviews, medication reduction, formulary management, medication expiration review and a presence during state survey. In addition to pharmacy recommendations, our consultants utilize a unique scoring system to provide a “report card” for facilities upon completion for QA purposes.
  • Billing Representative - every facility has a personal billing representative happy to assist facility staff, patients, and families with all of their pharmacy billing questions.
  • IV Training - comprehensive IV training to certify staff with 4, 6, and 8 hour classes available.
  • Framework Link - web-based technology allows you to:
    - review historical and current pharmacy invoices
    - report based on drug cost, patient and prescriber
    - forecast pharmacy costs prior to patient admission


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