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Information Regarding Evacuation of PruittHealth Facilities Affected by Hurricane Matthew

Information Regarding Evacuation of PruittHealth Facilities Affected by Hurricane Matthew

Status update as of Tuesday, October 11th:

If you have a loved one in our care who may have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, and would like information about them, please call 1-855-742-5983.

The following are frequently asked questions related to the evacuation of our facilities affected by Hurricane Matthew.

1.  What is PruittHealth doing as part of the evacuation of our facilities that are at risk as a result of Hurricane Matthew?

We are currently doing a partial evacuation of our our facilities that are at any risk of being affected by Hurricane Matthew.

2.  How do I find out where my parent / loved one is?

We have started a partial evacuation of our facilities in areas being affected by Hurricane Matthew. To find out the status of your loved one, please call 1-855-742-5983.

3.  How do I get notified immediately about the status of my loved one?

We will be using our PruittHealth text message system to provide updates about the status of our patients. If you have not done so already, please call 1-855-742-5983 and provide your cell phone number so we can send you notification messages.

4.  How are you transporting my loved one?

We are transporting our patients to facilities that have beds available by bus. Each bus will have medically trained personnel on the bus as well as water and food.

Patients who need wheelchairs will have their wheelchairs transported with them on the bus or have wheelchairs made available to them at the facilities to where they are going.

5.  What about my loved one's medications and medical records? How are you transferring those?

We have pre-arranged for them to go to Pruitt facilities so their medical records will be accessible to their caregivers at the locations where they are going.

We have medications for each patient on the bus with them.

We also have the medications they need on site at the facilities to where they are being moved.

6.  When will my loved one be returned to their facility?

We will continue to provide services to the patients who are moved at other facilities until we feel it's safe for them to return back to the facility they came from. This will be dependent on availability of power, water, and our ability to staff the facility appropriately.

We will notify you when your loved one has been returned to their facility.

7.  How are you deciding who goes to which facility and who is moved?

Our medical team has evaluated every patient in the facility to determine their ability to travel. Patients who are more able to travel are being moved first.

8.  What happens if my loved one is not being evacuated? Are they going to be safe?

The building has been designed to hurricane standards. We have adequate supplies and staff to remain on site with your love one should they need assistance. They will not be left alone in the facility.

We have generator power in the facility and we are confident that they will be cared for safely.

9.  Why are you evacuating some people and not others?

We believe it's important to have a manageable population in all of our facilities so are managing the numbers of people who get moved to ensure we have staff available to care for them.

10.  When are you going to decide to fully evacuate?

The decision to fully evacuate will be based on the medical condition of the patients in the building and the projected path of Hurricane Matthew.

We are actively watching the path of the hurricane and will make the decision to do a full evacuation accordingly.


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