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The PruittHealth mission: Our family, your family, ONE FAMILY. Committed to loving, giving and caring. United in making a difference.

Great Environment! PruittHealth Corporation considers all of our employees as equal partners in providing the highest quality care and service to our patients and customers. Our mission statement reveals that our top priority is our commitment to caring about our family - our customers and our employees. 

Great Benefits! Staff members in all of our locations, from direct-patient care to our support teams in corpo​rate offices, enjoy a rich benefits package that includes many offerings such as medical, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as paid vacation. We encourage you to view the job opportunities available within our organization and submit an application or contact one of our recruiters for more information. Become a member of our family.

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Health Professional Education Financial Assistance

​The PruittHealth Corporation Department of Human Resources has developed the PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program, and has the responsibility to assist all PruittHealth affiliated organizations to deal with recruiting health professionals, manpower planning, and technical assistance. The PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program is also responsible for working with existing state and federal programs to maximize community use of primary educational gifts, and local, state, and federal grants and contracts.

Part of the PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program incorporates recruitment and retention assistance activities, and includes programs which are geared to help rural and underserved urban communities served by affiliated companies in recruiting health professionals. Health professionals covered by the PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program include: registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants and home health aides, pharmacists, physical, occupational, and speech Therapists, clinical social workers and health care administrators. The program also provides assistance to students who aspire to these professions.

The PruittHealth Workforce Program also offers recruitment assistance through our Web based posting of available positions throughout the PruittHealth system for those who are not interested in educational loan repayment or scholarship opportunities.

For general information on the PruittHealth Workforce Program activities contact the PruittHealth Human Resources Department at (770) 279-6200.

PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program

The PruittHealth Workforce Financial Assistance Program was created to provide professional education loan repayment assistance to current employees and aspiring health care professionals who are willing to continue their employment with a PruittHealth affiliated company.  A minimum two year service commitment at an employment site approved by the Human Resources Department is required by those individuals who are awarded educational loan repayment funding. Aspiring health care professionals may also be eligible for assistance if they are willing to enter into an agreement which provides for a minimum two year service commitment post graduation.

Health Care Professional educational loan repayment applications to the Program are available from the PruittHealth Human Resources Department and from many PruittHealth affiliated company locations. Applications are considered quarterly. Award recommendations are made quarterly to the Executive Leadership Team.  Award and Denial letters are mailed out the end of each calendar quarter.

A current list of assistance opportunities is available from the Human Resources Department.  For a current list of available employment opportunities by type of service and location Click here or contact any local affiliated PruittHealth office or facility.

Schools/Training Institutions may also apply to have outstanding students received educational loan repayment assistance. The School/Training Institution must complete an Application to the Program. School/Training Institution Applications are available from the Human Resources Department.


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