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What Are The Advantages Of Hospice Care?

Hospice concentrates on an individual's care. The patient's physical and emotional comfort is the most important goal of the hospice team. Patients are encouraged to maintain their quality of life, and to be as active and to do as much as possible for themselves, for as long as they are able.

  • Hospice treats the whole family. When someone has a terminal illness, his or her loved ones feel pain too. Hospice can provide relief to exhausted and emotionally stressed caregivers.
  • Whenever possible, care is provided in the comfortable surroundings of home. Being at home with the people one cherishes is truly the best gift you can give to a loved one.
  • Hospice staff visit regularly and are accessible to answer questions and provide support 24 hours a day.
  • Hospice helps prepare family and friends for the loss of a loved one, and helps them deal with their grief through counseling and bereavement support groups.

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